About us:

Svarga Work has over 10 years of experience in personnel leasing. Our company is registered in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. We pay all social taxes and medical insurance for our employees. We have experience in building of working teams with a person in charge of work progress.

We specialize in:

assembly fitters
metal constructions, shipbuilding, oil refining equipment, gas exchange equipment, heat exchange equipment, pressurized pipelines
construction, maintenance of production
plumbing specialists
construction, maintenance of buildings, repairs
production workers
various conveyor lines, production of goods
builders of different specialties
concrete workers, stone workers, painters, plasterers, carpenters, woodworkers, roofers
For an employer:
over 10 years of working experience
own team of specialists
professional legal support
multi-level control of personnel selection
efficient solution of non-standard situations
For an employee:
official employment
social guarantees
free accommodation
reimbursement of travel tickets
support throughout the entire contract
Our advantages:
Our own friendly team of professionals built over years. We have extensive working experience in Scandinavia and knowledge of all high-quality standards.
Multi-level control system in the selection of new personnel. Thanks to years of experience, we have created this system on our own. HR managers request references from previous places of employment of candidates, select specialists with relevant experience and personally communicate with each candidate, creating a psychological portrait. Before final approval, all candidates do test work in practice.
Strong legal support in the execution of contracts and employment abroad. Our regular partners are legal companies that always inform about changes in laws on employment abroad, which allows us to timely comply with requirements of states, where we work.
A team of administrative personnel, who is always ready to help in any situation. Our clients can contact us round-the-clock to resolve any work-related issues. We will coordinate our employees at sites.
We are interested in cooperation with new clients and we will wait for your enquiries!